Paramount Hotel – The movie star experience !!

Paramount hotel is a magnificent hotel located in business bay Dubai. It’s huge, it consists of four massive towers next to each other . Hotel and residences.

They hooked us up with the media package and the sudio room. Wow! The suite has a bathtub in its own “glass room” with a shower in the middle of the suite. It’s a whole other level of bathrooms if you ask me. I could stay in there forever!

Each studio-room has its own theme. The suites are themed after actors and films. So some of them could be the Marilyn Monroe room, others could be Sherlock Holmes classics and so on. They are all unique, very very luxurious and very cozy! )my favorite thing is still the bathtub!! 😅 it’s a very important factor for me when choosing hotels… the cozy- tub- factor. It must be there ☺️

The suite also has its own movie set make up mirror, with amazing lights. Just perfect for you to get ready for a party night out or grabbing dinner at the hotel.

If the weather allows it (cus right now it might be raining a bit and some cold winds) you can tan and chill by the beautiful pool area they have. And if you’re not a fan of laying in the direct sunlight it’s not to worry, there is plenty of shade for those who think the Dubai heat is a bit too much at times! The best idea is to grab breakfast first and then head on down to the pool!

These pictures doesn’t even justify the massive breakfast they had there. It’s definitely a “need to see in person” thing to get the reality and feel how huge it was.

And don’t forget the pool and their Malibu vibe to go with it ❤️

It was an amazing stay and I’ll definitely be going back there!!

Check out paramount hotel at or for special rates and offers. Sometimes in low season you can find the best deals that include all these things and you won’t be disappointed! I promise!! Not to mention that the hotel is super cool and has over a hundred cool locations within for cool instagram and social media posts. Bring your outfits and use the whole day taking out tires of you can! You won’t regret it!

Willy wonka ❤️

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