New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve for me was 50/50 work and pleasure! I had this big event planned with the Swedish pavilion at the Dubai expo that didn’t quite go accordingly as planned due to poor organizing and other factors (and weather!!) but we managed as best as we could,everyone in their own way, and it turned out great anyway! I actually had the best New Year’s Eve I’ve had in a long time and I enjoyed every second of it!

Usually we all spend New Years together in our circle but this year it was different, different isn’t always bad. and I’ve just came back from Norway as well and I was ready to take on this evening. My energy was all over the place. I was happy, and I was worried I’d be stuck in traffic going to and from places but everything turned out great!

Just one more thing that is a note to self for future references …. Don’t ever take a taxi on New Year’s Eve… they will over charge you like crazy and blame it on “because it’s New Years” 🙈 and just for going the smallest direction I was charged 500 dhs , buuuut it was so worth it! I’ll tell you that! Besos🙏🏼

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