Check Yo self !!

There is something I haven’t shared with you guys whilst I was in Norway. I didn’t wanna write or mention anything about it while it was going on because I was scared to give the subject my energy and attention. I was not sure how to handle it if it actually turned out to be for the worst case scenario. But the truth is that we have to face these things either we like it or not! And I can’t rush it enough, girl- check yourself !

I found this lump in my breast a while back. I didn’t think to much of it, it was just there. Stayed the same, didn’t hurt, smooth surface. The thoughts are always there tho, all the “what ifs” and so on.. in all honesty I didn’t have it checked out right away. But as soon as I arrived in Norway I had a conversation with my aunt who has been through breast cancer herself and survived, we booked an appointment with a specialist and things took a turn quite fast from there on out.

The doctor in my home town wasn’t able to diagnose the lump just from the scan as it looked dodgy, so they had to send me to another hospital 5 hours away by train.. my mom came with me. And I went to see another doctor that specializes in breast/ mammography / radio frequency department at the hospital in Bodø. At the end of the day He sent the lump for analysis. I was so scared and nervous waiting for answers days after.

The same day when I travelled back to Dubai I got my tests results and turned out it was a tumor, a tumor in the fibroalgenoma family and it was not cancerous. I was so relieved and grateful that I looked it up when I did.

I was prepared for the worst case scenario possible and I hated not knowing any answers for days.

I know I am truly so lucky to get answers when I did and to be able to deal with it when I could, and for my family and friends who shows support even when we didn’t know what it was. this shit is scary no matter what type of lumps it is, and I will tell you right away, if you notice anything, a lump, big or small, feeling like a raisin or a ball of smooth porcelain, go check it out. It might save your life. Don’t wait for courage to build up for better days. Just do it. Cus the longer you wait it might be too late by then. Sending loads of love to you all ❤️

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