Bearded Dragon

Well. This is a… well a lovely bearded dragon… and I am obsessed with them. I think I am about to make it my pet. They are easy to care for, great for reptile beginners and only need the basics… right? Who has experience with bearded dragons?

Please give advice. I am seriously considering maybe getting two to keep at home. I’m saying two cus I don’t want him/ her to be lonely so they can have company in each other. I have looked at the things I need such as the tank/ aquarium and asked about lights and the diet… is it anything else I need to be thinking of ? Please advice!

It’s a totally new field for me and I miss my dog but not getting a new dog at the moment so this is a good- yet different choice 😁

What should we name him? (Or her? How can u tell the sex?)

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