2 weeks in

It’s been 13 days Since I moved to my new apartment. It’s so strange. It doesn’t quite feel like home yet.

I don’t know many people in my tower.. I feel super stressed all the time and I think this apartment was really built for a man because there is zero storage place in here and the bathrooms are small and most importantly , the bath tub.. there is no bath tub. I thought I was gonna be fine without a bathtub but truth is that the bath tub for me was my way of disconnecting and relaxing after a long day where I just need my “me time” to gather my thoughts and slay another plan in my head about future plans or cross things of my “todo list”.. you get me?! I can probably solve world problems in the bath tub if I sit there long enough.

I know I sound like a spoiled brat right now but I can only compare this apartment to my old apartment that I had 5 years ago. and it was so much bigger, it had a bath tub and it was a perfect location and I knew people in my building and everything was always perfect and under control and I had cool neighbors too.

I don’t think I’m the chatty type in the elevator either so I don’t think people automatically thinks they can approach me 😂

And the building management are being slow on the “pet situation”

They tell me that pets are allowed as long as I have a written approval from the management .. this is written in my tenancy contract! so I seeked the written approval and it literally got “rejected by automated email replies” so… I call them to se see if I can get an email or a number to an actual person … but the people at the head office seems to not know what I mean so I’m stuck at square one

Lost my shit a little because not only are they lazy with actually communicating with you, they also hit me with a commission fee upon signing the contact… which was like ok, wait a minute ! Why?!?! Why am I paying you commission? I didn’t ask for appointments, I didn’t book an agent to come show me the units in the building, I never asked them to deliver keys or do a handover … it was all done electronically.. and I had to go do my own viewings and when I found the unit I wanted they released the units early morning and you had to basically fight off people online to Make sure you secured your apartment and pray to GOD that the app for the property management wouldn’t collapse again😂

I’m telling you.. it was a jungle .. so imagine .. I still had to pay the commission.. and then the deposit … then the movers , and then to discover that the gas wasn’t working because apparently you had to connect it independently .. (of course I pay for that too, the gas company probably belongs to the cousin of the people who owns the building or who rents out the units 🙈) and of course nobody informed me that so I was a week without gas😂

the walls are so thick that the connection for the phone line is so weak that my phone literally only has reception in one corner of the entire flat 😂 then you think it was done but nooo. Then comes the wi-fi story. Cus the connection was so bad they had to come twice with two new routers to ensure that the wi-fi would work properly on the high floor😂 I mean .. what is this 🙈

I can’t do anything but laugh and stick it out this year. I hate moving houses with a passion . I really do. And since the rough start, I have a feeling I am not gonna like it here and I’ll try and find something else that feels more home than this eventually. All I’m gonna do now is focus on work, get shit done, make sure things are properly working and that I am happy.

Currently I’m struggling with the last part as my anxiety is starting to creep up on me again and I need to get things under control ASAP. I hate moving,and I don’t like not knowing what’s happening, being in control is my thing.. I just feel out of place and I don’t like to feel the sensation of not belonging somewhere. Maybe it’ll grow on me. Who knows. But it’s weird that it’s been roughly 2 weeks and I’m feeling like a stranger in my own home.

If I get the bearded dragons soon maybe it will be more “homey” to have something to come home to… or maybe I’m just missing the dogs. Dogs are everything. I don’t understand people who can’t stand dogs (unless they are allergic of course it even then…) they are amazing. Anyhows. I hope you enjoyed my rant of complains and negative energy.

So, as you can tell I am obviously just frustrated and I needed to get this off my chest!.

End of rant 😘 have a nice day

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