Hurray for local small airlines

Benig back Home in Sweden and seeing all my friends here over midsummer weekend has been an absolute bliss! I am so grateful that I was able to come home this year and that I managed to make it for midsummer!

I know I babble about midsummer every year but it’s truly an experience that one has to experience to know what I am really talking about because words and pictures will never ever justify the feeling of the midsummer magic here 😜😍

This morning was so hectic, not only was I prepared for all the chaos at the airport , I was organized and prepared beforehand. So I Got up early , got dressed and all that. Things went smooth… until it was time to book my Uber and all the taxis were busy because of the morning rush… I literally thought I was gonna freak out a little … I actually did freak out a little bit when I saw that the prices on the taxi fares was almost double than normal ..

My face when i just caaaant with Life 😂

I took a chance and waited for 10 minutes and luckily the fare drooped “back to normal” almost .. just after 8 AM. So there’s an advice for you if you’re in Sweden and need a taxi in the AM- pre book it to avoid this stress and unnecessary high fares due to morning traffic!

And to add on this chaos morning, my Uber driver was driving so slowly and taking his sweet time and that just made me more stressed.. plus he was very chatty and I am telling you, I am definitely not the most chatty person in the morning- especially if I am stressed 😂 I almost got offended when he asked where I was going and I was thinking “that’s none of your business” lol. I’m usually not moody . But I recognized myself being bitter in the moment so I didn’t give him any attitude. Poor guy he was just being nice 😅

Then I arrived at Arlanda airport and it was a long cue outside just to even get In to the airport. Apparently people are arriving waaaaaaay longer before their flight time and this is causing the airport to be overcrowded and caused the people who needs to catch a flight asap to potentially miss their flights. Luckily I was right on time and they let me in without problem! So that’s another advice from me, arrive at the airport when your check in has opened, to avoid the long cues outside the airport at Arlanda. You’ll have a much better experience doing that rather than waiting outside 🙂 trust me there 🥰

I arrived at my gate- there was 7 passengers going to my destination up north (😂) and I boarded and I am on my way home to Norway as we speak!

However I am forever grateful that there are flights going up north to the small towns up there. Even if it’s only 7 passengers on this flight I am grateful that the airline companies still keep these flights operating because without them it would be so much harder to get home for holidays like this!

So if you’re in Sweden and wanna see some Nordic adventures up north you can support the local airlines by booking tickets there and keeping them busy throughout the low season (which is summer – but also by all means go in the winter too, we have a lot of mountains and alpine alternatives and the nature is really beautiful regardless of what time of the year) 😁

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