It’s Showtime at Koyo

Koyo is a hidden gem in Dubai Marina and it’s located at the intercontinental hotel.

Once you get there you just follow the signs on the floor, it will take you down to the basement around a couple of corners and you just keep walking until you see the red shiny lights and then you just walk into that appealing nice door with the exciting entrance. (I was so mesmerized about the whole scenery, that I forgot to take a picture of the entrance so if you go there make sure you do that!)

Be ready for a night full of entertainment and Japanese fusion street food. The dancers are impeccable and I’ve never seen a stage before that comes down before each act and covers the whole bar. It was truly a Nice surprise.

The food is really great and the portions are bite-size.

We had a selection of all the starters and a couple of mains and it and it’s definitely something I won’t regret, it was absolutely amazing.

The decoration in the place is like a cherry blossom tree garden, and the bar area is filled with Japanese traditional design and the whole vibe is like a very secret Japanese style. it’s definitely something you need to experience. You won’t be sorry.

Not to mention the entrance after you enter the main door, it’s basically an old-school inspired- tattoo studio (of course not real, just for decoration) and it’s so so so cool. I’m gonna take it as a sign that hopefully tattooing will be allowed in Dubai very soon😂

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